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Dr. James Mabey is Associate Professor of Hotel Development and Strategy in The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). He is also the Senior Vice President of Development – Asia Pacific, for Jumeirah Group.

He is a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences and events and the author of multiple published articles and studies on hotel development. He is also a guest lecturer at universities throughout Asia Pacific including institutions in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

As Senior Vice President of Development – Asia Pacific, for Jumeirah Group, James is responsible for the company’s growth and development across the Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining the Jumeirah Group, he held key management positions throughout the region including Country Manager of International Resort Development Group in Beijing, Director of Business Development of Jumeirah Private Island in Thailand, Economic and Tourism Management Advisor to the Thailand Government, and, Senior Director of Development for Marco Polo Hotels, based in Hong Kong.

James is a native of the US and has lived in Asia for more than 15 years and has over a decade of business consulting and real-estate development experience in the region. He has lived and worked in Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore and has worked on hotel development projects in Cambodia, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Doctor of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Masters of Business Administration (Hotel and Tourism Management), Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Bachelor of Science, Excelsior College, USA

Associate of Science, Weber State University, USA

Areas of Expertise

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Business Strategy

International Localization Strategy

Hotel and Resort Development

Strategic Alliance


Mabey, J. (2010). The application of the Amos tourism accommodation profiling method in financial viability assessments. World Applied Sciences Journal, 10 (Special Issue of Tourism & Hospitality), 71-77.

Mabey, J. (2010). The Amos tourism accommodation profiling method: An introduction of a new financial model. International Graduate Tourism Research Conference. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Mabey, J., Ilian, A., & Mabey, J. (2010). Market drivers, paradigm shifts, and other influences in the progressive development of Phuket’s luxury resort development. National Sustainability Conference. Phuket, Thailand.

Mabey, J. (2010). Strata ownership resorts and the investment decision as a question of capital budgeting: A proposed method’s application in Phuket luxury tourism accommodations (Master’s thesis).

Mabey, J. (2012). International hotel development: Hotel owners' perceptions of hotel management companies. International Symposium on Business and Management . Hong Kong: ISBM.

Mabey, J. (2013). International hotel development: Hotel owners’ application of partner selection criteria in strategic alliance formation with hotel management companies (Doctoral dissertation). 

Panels and Presentations

Current Hotel Trends Asia. Philippine Hotel Development Conference. Manila, Philippines

Managing the Development Process – The Latest Trends in Hotel Management Contract. China Hotel Investment Conference. Shanghai, China

Choosing the Right Management Fit for Your Hotel. Hospitality Investment World Indonesia. Jakarta, Indonesia

Hotel Design and Development: A Hotel Operators Perspective. The Architecture and Design Conference. Hong Kong, SAR

An In-Depth Analysis: Is the Current Vast Expansion of Hotels in Asia Sustainable? MIPIM Investment Summit. Hong Kong, SAR

Structuring and Integrating Hotel Components within Mixed Use Developments. 2nd Annual Indonesia Investment Summit. Jakarta, Indonesia

Hotel Investment – Optimizing Financing Structures. China Hotel and Tourism Conference. Beijing, China

Strategies to Manage or Reposition Your Older Hotels in the Face of New Competition. China Hotel Investment Conference. Shanghai, China

Search and Connect. Pacific Asia Travel Association Annual Summit Youth Forum. Bangkok, Thailand

Enhancing Property Asset Value through Active Asset Management and Ancillary Real Estate Pre-Sales Ahead of Construction. 4th Annual Resort Development and Hospitality Conference. Hainan, China

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