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About The Student Council

The mission of the Student Council is to promote students’ interests, reflect their concerns, and organize their activities within the framework of The Emirates Academy’s rules and regulations. It is run and managed by students reporting to the Students Support Officer and then to the Director of Learning Resources and the Dean.


The purpose of the Student Council shall be to serve the student body of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). The main responsibilities of the Student Council are:

 To voice student opinions to the faculty and administration through all the channels available in The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM).
 To be the main liaison between the faculty, the administration, and the student body of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM).
 To train students in leadership.
 To aid other schools, universities, and organizations if required.
 To plan and organize social events for students.
 To coordinate and/or support student projects and activities.
 To support students, when in need for academic/social/professional support.
 To sustain and increase the Student Council funds.

Student Council Representatives

Follow the link to view the current: Student Council Representatives.

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The Student Council shall have the authority to communicate the opinions and needs of the students to the faculty and the school administration without any prejudices, in total objectivity and is entitled to get timely feedbacks from the concerned individuals.

The point of contacts for communicating student concerns regarding academics shall be the Dean and the concerned professors while the point of contact for communicating student concerns regarding operations should be the Director of Operations and the concerned professionals.

If you wish to suggest any events/ actvities or if you want to raise a concern send an email to


In the spring of 2011, the Student Council launched the first newsletter about student life at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). The newsletter contains exciting updates about previous/upcoming events and activities around EAHM.

Newsletters 2011

Events & Activities

The Student Council organises and hosts various events and activities on and around campus for the entire student body on a regular basis. Students, staff, faculty, friends and family all come together to socialize with each other and to celebrate the fantastic community here at EAHM.

Top 3 Events to Attend!

Welcome Back BBQ
At the start of every trimester, the Student Council hosts a “Welcome Back” Barbecue by the poolside/ barbecue area. It is a great opportunity for old friends to catch up as well as for new students to interact with the existing students, whilst enjoying the music delivered by our in-house DJ. A delicious and complimentary barbecue is also prepared by the Student Council representatives for you as a student to enjoy.

Quiz Night
The Student Council hosts a Quiz Night twice a year, depending on their event and activities calendar. This is your chance to put your general knowledge to the test! Every team consists of 4 players and the event is held on the Rooftop in the evening. More information will be provided by the Student Council throughout the trimesters.

Shake & Bake
The Shake & Bake event is also hosted twice a year by the Student Council and is held at the pool area. It includes a bake sale, shawarma, home-made lemonade, a table tennis competition, water volleyball, a baby ring relay competition and great music delivered by our DJ. It is an opportunity for you to hang by the pool with all other students as well as the chance to win some great prizes.


We support the Community!

Non-Uniform Day
The first Sunday of each month is designated EAHM’s Non-Uniform Day. On this day students and staff are not required to wear the academy uniform. Anyone choosing to wear casual clothes is required to make a donation of AED 10 to our charity, Dubai Autism Centre, during class time. One hundred percent of the funds collected are donated to the selected charity organization; no administrative cost incur. The Student Council communicates information concerning the upcoming Non-Uniform Day on a regular basis to the students.

Donation Drive
One or two times a year a blood donation drive is organized. All EAHM staff, faculty and students comes together with the staff from the Jumeirah properties to help save lives around the country. More information will be provided by the Student Council throughout the trimesters.

Clothes Donation Box
At EAHM the students and staff take part in helping the community in any way they can. This is why EAHM and the Student Council  also offers everyone the opportunity to donate clothing items to people in need, by giving the students and staff the opportunity to drop-off their hand-me-downs in the donation box located on campus.

Event Calendar - What's on?

The Student Council Event Calendar is coming soon!