Bachelor's Degree Application

We look forward to welcome you in The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management. Our team is here to make the application process as easy as possible.

You may begin your studies in January, April or September 


Application Deadline

September intake August 1st
January intake November 1st
April intake February 1st

If you prefer to apply via email or would like to have more information please contact us at and we will guide you throughout the process.

Online Application

If you would like to proceed with application online, along with completing the application form you will need to upload the required documents. For your convenience before you start the application please prepare the scaned copies according to the documents checklist provided below.  

BBA/ABA Application - Forms and Documents checklist

- The copies of High School Diploma and Transcripts *
- English test results (not later than 2 years before) or test registration confirmation 
- Medical information form
- Coloured copy of your passport
- Non-refundable application fee AED 500**


*All documents have to be provided in English (with official translation where applicable)
**The admission of your application will progress upon payment confirmation received. 

Application form can be downloaded here (not required if online application is completed)  


If you are in your final year of studies and have not yet received your diploma, you may apply for conditional acceptance based on your results throughout the year. 

If you are applying for a scholarship, in addition to the above documents you should submit Personal Statement and Letter of Recommendation.

Did you know

other than the UAE, our degrees are accredited in UK & Australia