In today’s global customer-focused world, a business degree through the lens of hospitality is the ultimate competitive advantage

Students are entering this massive industry and excelling in many different areas. The competencies such as; leadership, teamwork and strategic thinking, acquired by hospitality students during their degrees provides them with a highly employable and transferable skill set. Career paths further shape individuals into dynamic entrepreneurs who are well traveled, highly capable and sophisticated. 

Here are just a few examples of the type of careers available to Hospitality School Graduates.

HOTEL MANAGEMENT whether representing and travelling internationally with some of the most exclusive luxury brands or commanding regional or global head offices

ASSET MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY are both profitable career paths that develop individuals’ business acumen, whose talents are highly sought after. 

RESTAURANT conceptual brand development is a dynamic, fun and creative career path with hospitality

LUXURY BRAND AND REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT provides fascinating career opportunities in both retail and business real estate overseeing various areas for large multimillion dollar projects.

MEETINGS, CONFERENCES, EVENTS, AND EXPOSITIONS include a tourism destination’s most valuable assets and governments invest trillions of dollars in this stimulating and dynamic career option

SPAS, FITNESS, LEISURE, AND HEALTH concepts; modern lifestyles have motivated the development of services designed to care for both our “inner” and “outer” selves. The hospitality industry has a multitude of options available to satisfy this significant market.

TOURISM - hospitality graduates can experience a vibrant and exciting career promoting differing global destinations

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