EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014


EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014 Conference
Proudly hosted by:
The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management


The European Council on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education (EuroCHRIE) is the official federation for Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa of International CHRIE (ICHRIE), the leading international organisation that supports education and training for the world's largest industry and The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (a member of EuroCHRIE) is proud to be hosting the 32nd EuroCHRIE Conference in Dubai.

Dubai is often referred to as “The City of The Future”, and the future of this city is closely linked to the continued development of tourism. The tourism and hospitality industry has faced some massive challenges in the last five years due to the global economic downturn. Whilst the industry has been one of the few in the world to continue growing, this growth has been different than expected. REVPARS have dropped, patterns of demand have changed, product and destination competition has intensified. Adding to this complexity and fuelling further change has been a dramatic digital and generational reconfiguration of the business world that has resulted in the need to re-think business strategy and educational provision.

The aim of the EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014 Conference is to:

1.  Reflect on how the world of Tourism and Hospitality has changed.

2.  Scientifically consider what the future challenges and opportunities for the industry are.

3.  Consider how these changes need to be reflected in Tourism and Hospitality education.

4.  Determine how International CHRIE and EuroCHRIE can assist us to change, develop and meet these new requirements and to excel in our missions to develop the industry leaders of the future.