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Our Course Offerings

Our Professional Development and Consulting deparment offers a variety of courses to suit your training needs. Whether it is a Leadership Workshop that you would like to conduct for your Executive team or a Customer Service programme for your frontline staff, we have the expertise and capability to help you with your training needs.  Our state of the art campus provides a conducive environment to host our Professional Development Programmes.  All our programs are developed to address the ever-changing needs of professionals within the service industry and we are also able to tailor any of our programmes to meet your specific needs. 

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American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AH&LEI) Certifications

- Guest Service Gold (CGSP®)

- Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS®)

- Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT®)

- Certified Hospitality  Trainer (CHT®)

- Certified Hospitality  Educator (CHE®)

Widely recognised as the preeminent leader in hospitality certification, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AH&LEI) strongly supports and encourages the certification of hospitality professionals in all facets of the industry, including: hotels, food and beverage establishments, trainers, hospitality educators, hotel suppliers and spas.

The Educational Institute (EI) was founded in 1953 to provide working hospitality professionals with education and training. EI continues to meet the needs of the industry with a variety of hospitality solutions, including online learning, professional certification, and resources for high schools, colleges, and workforce agencies. EI is the global leader in hospitality training and hotel management certifications and offers online learning and courses with textbooks and digital material to enhance the hospitality learning experience. EI’s programs are all recognized by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) and conform to the best practices in the hotel and lodging industry.

Every hotel, resort, casino and hospitality business can benefit from continuing training and updating the staff’s skill certifications. Select our Certification Programs to discover what professional hospitality certification designations are available for all levels of employee, from line-level through hospitality management.

Leadership and Management Programme

The below courses cover the essential elements of hospitality management at every level of an organisation. They cover the operational, strategic and people skill sets that generate genuine competitive advantage. These topics are relevant to all levels of business professionals across a variety of industries.

- Leadership Workshop - Level 1 

- Leadership Workshop - Psychology of Leadership

Human Resources and Training Programmes

- Human Resources Management- Level 1 (AH&LEI certification)

- Advanced Presentation Skills

- Professional Dress and Appearance Workshop for Men and Women 

A company will thrive and excel only when the quality of its human capital is best-in-class. The Human Resources programmes offered at EAHM are designed to help you acquire pragmatic up-date human capital solutions using an engaging hands-on approach.  The above is a list of the courses that we run in the field of HR Management and Training. Any of these HR Management and Training courses can be tailored for presentation as an In-Company course for seven or more delegates, deliverable at your premises or at a training venue of your choice.

Customer Service Programmes

- 5 Star Customer Service 

- Guest Service Gold (AH&LEI certificate)

Customer care is a crucial element of business success. Every contact your customers have with your business is an opportunity for you to improve your reputation and increase the likelihood of further sales. From your telephone manner to the efficiency of your order-fulfillment systems, almost every aspect of your business affects the way your customers view your business. 

Administrative Programmes

- Business Administrator's Course

The Administrative programme courses are unique in that they are suitable for people who already work in the business environment and want to build on previous knowledge and they also assist newcomers to business to gain knowledge and skills to allow them to enter an administrative position.

EAHM offers a range of Administrative courses each quarter and also offers businesses the opportunity to have bespoke training courses conducted at EAHM or at their location (minimum 10 people).

Food & Beverage Programmes

- Kitchen and Restaurant Management in the 21st Century 

- Restaurant Revenue Management

- Creating Successful Restaurant Concepts

- Food & Beverage Management Exposure

- Menu Analysis Workshop

- Cost and Control for Food & Beverage Operations 

 Executive Tea & Coffee Service 

EAHM offers a diverse range of Food & Beverage training programs for both the front line staff as well as the management team. We also offer several programs that can either be 'off the shelf' training or can be customised to fit your specific restaurant needs.

Financial Management Programmes

- Budgeting for Better Operational Performance

- Financial Awareness for Non-Financial Managers 

- Cost and Control for Food & Beverage Operations 

Learn how to communicate with finance personnel; to interpret financial information, recognise risk and return in capital budgeting, interpret capital structuring decisions, assess the costs and benefits of business decisions and drive financial strategies for your organisation.

Speaking and understanding the language of finance are essential skills for leaders and managers throughout an organisation; smart business decisions rest on this fundamental knowledge. Without a clear understanding of financial analysis and management, you lack credibility with finance managers and business leaders.

Team Building Activities

- Team building Day: "Ready, Steady, Cook!"

Team building with a difference. Forget ropes, raft building courses and golf outings; cooking is the new wave in corporate team-building exercises, and who better than EAHM to meet your needs? Food always brings people together. Culinary team building events create an environment that promotes creativity, communication and cooperation amongst participants, allowing them to relate in ways not possible in the office. With the assistance of our expert Chef Michael Kitts, team members work together to prepare a gourmet meal in a fully functional kitchen, and then 'break bread' while enjoying their meal together. Prior culinary experience not required!

Specialised Training Programmes

- Spa Management

- Executive Butler Training

- Digital Marketing

- Introduction to Hospitality English

- China Tourist Welcome Training Programme

- Executive Tea and Coffee Service

- Introduction to Arabic Language and Culture

The Specialist training courses are a response to industry needs. EAHM designed these short courses to provide the latest information in order to keep participants at the top of their game.

These courses don't just impart knowledge and skills but are also opportunities for reward, networking and building motivation. 

Sales & Marketing Programmes

- Strategy & Selling

Marketing is one of the more important components of a business. Even though marketing is important, all businesses need customers. Attracting customers is not as easy as we think, especially when there is tough competition in the market. If people are not coming to check your products, you may need to make efforts to change this by increasing your marketing efforts.

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