Copying & Printing

Three heavy duty printer / scanners are available in the Media Lab in the Library for student use.

Students are given a printing code during their Orientation. It will be coded into each student’s laptop but you should keep a copy of the number somewhere with you at all times, in case it needs to be re-inserted or if you want to photocopy and you don’t have your laptop with you. If you have problems printing, first check to ensure your code is still in place by clicking on Print \ Properties \ Valid Access. The code should be in the slot under User Code.

If you have a problem with a printer, report it to a Library staff member. If we cannot fix it ourselves, we will call the IT department.

All users are strongly advised to print on both sides of the page whenever possible. Set the colour printers to “black & white” for routine prints, and print PowerPoint slides 6 to a page.

EAHM upholds UAE and international copyright law, which allows only limited copying in educational settings. For academic use, students may copy no more than 10% of a single item, which is roughly:

     One chapter from a book or report
     One article from an issue of a journal or magazine

Entire books may never be copied using Academy equipment.

How to Use the Scanner

Students and staff of EAHM can scan documents and send them to their EAHM email using any printer in the MMLab. Scanned documents are in full colour as in the original.


Use a single-sided document or, if the original document is double sided, photocopy one side of each sheet, so the full document is one-sided. If you are scanning a driver’s license, passport, or other document that is not A4 size, photocopy it first and scan the photocopy.


Set the document face up on the feeder tray on the top of the photocopy machine.


Press the bottom rectangular button on the left side of the photocopy machine.


Log in using your printer code.

Click on the tab for the letter of the alphabet that starts your first name, for example, Horace Green would press the H tab. Find your name and click on it.

Then press Enter (right side of the photocopier; as if you were making a photocopy).

When your document has moved into the machine and come out the other side, the scan is completed.

Go to your email account. There will be a mail from

Open the attachment and save it to use later.

Note that large documents have to be broken up. About 4 pages is the limit for one scan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my document print??

1.  First, check to see if your printing code is still in place. From the print screen, go to Preferences / Valid Access. If there is no number in the slot, type in your printing code. In many cases this solves the problem.

2.  If you are trying to print a document from Moodle, before printing save it to your P or D drive, and change the name to a shorter form, for example,  ECONsyllabus. Long Moodle document names seem to upset the printers.

3.  Come back to the printing room in about an hour to pick up your prints; sometimes if many people are printing at once, the machines function very slowly. If you can't wait, tell a Librarian and we will contact IT.