Faculty Members

All our Faculty members are responsible for academic guidance and development of our students. A number of them are recognised figures and specialists in their chosen disciplines and most have either a Master or Doctoral degree coupled with numerous years of industry experience. Recruited from more than 10 different countries around the world, they adopt the latest education techniques with a blend of dynamic, innovative and modern approach.

Full Time Faculty   


Dr. Scott Richardson
Dr. Michael Newnham
Dean Associate Dean
.. ..
Chef Michael Kitts
Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni 
Director of Culinary Arts
Executive Chef
Director of Research
Associate Professor
Ms. Marianne Saulwick 
Dr. Stephanie Morris
Director of Industry Liaison 
Associate Professor of Law
Dr. Ioanna Karanikola Chef Helen Morris
Assistant Professor Executive Chef
Senior Lecturer

Mr. Christopher Simon Dutt 
Ms. Marina Rizzi
Senior Lecturer
Student Council Liaison Manager
Senior Lecturer
Mr. David Butterton
Mr. Maximilian Rauch 
Senior Lecturer
F&B Lecturer
Ms. Donna Haas Ms. Christiane Ibrahim
Senior Language Teacher and Student Support Officer  
Student Council Liaison Manager
. .
 Ms. Bincy Baburaj


Adjunct Faculty / Consultants


Mr. Daniel G. During
Ms. Alison Neary
Consultant Adjunct Faculty

Ms. Debra Adams Ms. Julie Jackson
Consultant Adjunct Faculty
Ms. Mandy Kouwenberg Dr. James Mabey
Associate Professor
Senior Vice President of Development, Jumeirah Group
Mr. Turab Saleem Ms. Assia Riccio
Consultant Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Kurt von Storch



Registrar's Office  


Ms. Annelie Bea Ms. Sara Abbas Alhaj Abdulla Makki


Academic Government Relations Coordinator
Ms. Agnes Salido Ms. Robbie delos Reyes

Admissions Officer

Academic Administrator