Faculty Board

EAHM has a Faculty Board responsible for academic guidance and reporting to the Managing Director and Executive Committee. Individual faculty members of the board are recognized figures and specialists in their chosen disciplines and most have either a Master or Doctoral degree coupled with numerous years of industry experience. Recruited from more than 10 different countries around the world, they adopt the latest education techniques with a blend of dynamic, innovative and modern approach.

Dr. Stuart Jauncey Dr. Ivan Ninov
Dean Assistant Dean
.. ..
Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni 
Dr. Stephanie Morris
Director of Research
Associate Professor

Associate Professor

. .
Dr. John Fong 
Dr. James Mabey
Director of Marketing &
International Relations
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Senior Vice President of Development, Jumeirah Group
Mr. Ilhan Demirer
Ms. Ioanna Karanikola 
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer

Chef Michael Kitts Ms. Marianne Saulwick 
Director of Culinary Arts 
Executive Chef
Director of Industry Liaison
. .
Chef Helen Morris
Mrs. Angela Anthonisz
Executive Chef
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer
Mr. Christopher Dutt 
Ms. Donna Haas 
Student Support Officer
. .
Mr. Maximilian Rauch 
Ms. Grace De-Leon


Adjunct Faculty  

Dr. Michael Riley 
Dr. Chris Ryan
Professor Professor

Dr. Candice E. Clemenz
Mr. Willy Legrand

Ms. Christiane Ibrahim
Dr. Bill Rowson
Language Instructor 
Dr. Alisha Ali

Ms. Victoria Kenny
Ms. Methini S Vijh