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Dubai, the City of Gold

One of the seven Emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is located on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf. It has a sub-tropical climate, with sunny days all year round and almost no rain. In Dubai, you can enjoy a sophisticated urban lifestyle, and still be within easy access of sandy beaches and secluded desert getaways. Spiky glass high-rises stand side-by-side with traditional souks, and everywhere you can feel the energy that, above all, epitomises Dubai.

Dubai is the fastest growing tourism destination in the world, with projects such as The Palm, (the world’s largest man-made island), Burj Khalifa, (the tallest building in the world), Dubailand, (the largest theme and sports park in the world) and the Dubai Megamall, (the largest shopping mall in the world). Dubai is home to the fastest growing award-winning airline, Emirates, and has over 100 hotels planned and under development, making it the perfect place to study hospitality, travel and tourism management. In addition to Jumeirah, most of the world’s best-known hotel and restaurant chains are established in Dubai, and welcome talented graduates from EAHM.

Living in Dubai Videos

We put together some videos that will help you when you first arrive in Dubai.

Using the Metro

Using the Public Bus

Reserving A Taxi

Living In Dubai: Transportation

Obtaining a Driving License

Setting Up a Mobile Phone

Setting up a Bank Account

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