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English Programme

If you are planning to undertake a course of study in a college or university that conducts its classes in English, you must first raise your English proficiency level in order to succeed both academically and professionally.

Our classes are truly multi-cultural as our students come from all over the world to study with us. Our unique international environment allows you to join communities of students from your own country as well as make new friends from other cultures.

Our native-speaking English teachers use a dynamic and modern approach utilizing course books, audio-visual aids, games, role-plays, written assignments and specially-created materials. Our focus is on developing the four language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking plus building your confidence in real-life situations.

Special attention is given to:
- Communication and conversation
- Grammar, spelling and punctuation
- Writing / Sentence structure
- Reading / Listening comprehension
- Pronunciation
- Colloquialisms and idioms
- Culture, customs and etiquette
- Getting you up to speed for your TOEFL preparation course

The English as a Foreign Language (EFL) is a 3-month programme consisting of 20 classroom hours plus a minimum of 10 supervised independent study hours per week. The programme is offered in two levels:

Basic EFL is geared towards developing the student’s basic English ability. A student may be advised to do another Elementary EFL if expected progress is not achieved.

Intermediate EFL is geared towards the development of Academic English proficiency. Students who wish to enroll on this programme are required to submit a minimum Institutional TOEFL score of 410 or the equivalent. The last month of this programme is focused exclusively on Institutional TOEFL Preparation which is followed immediately by the paper-based Institutional TOEFL exam.

Courses begin in January, April or September - APPLY TODAY!

View the Student Dress Code here

View the Student Arrival Guide here

TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is administered to non-native speakers of English who wish to attend an English-speaking college or university. Your English proficiency must be tested so that your likely success as a student can be measured.

TOEFL is a standardised test format that evaluates how well you understand and use English in an academic context. Doing well on TOEFL requires more than just the ability to speak and understand English. It requires careful planning, realistic practice sessions, and the ability to really understand the effective strategy required for doing well on standardized tests. 

We offer a 4-week TOEFL Preparation Course that gives students the test-taking strategies to succeed on the paper-based TOEFL. Our classes are open to anyone who wants to prepare effectively for the test.

Students who wish to enroll on this programme are required to submit a minimum Institutional TOEFL score of 500 or the equivalent.

This 1-month course takes place during the last month of the Intermediate Level of English as a Foreign Language programme. APPLY TODAY!

Click HERE for an overview of what the TOEFL test consists of and HERE to view the Fee Structure.

Course Fees

Fees for the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and TOEFL Preparation Programme include:

- Tuition fees for all modules
- Orientation week activities
- All textbooks and academic materials
- Academic related photocopying and printing
- Access to library and electronic databases
- IT software and licenses
- Laundry for business attire available at cost
- Graduation expenses
- On-campus parking (subject to availability)
- Access to the gym, swimming pool, tennis court and other campus facilities

Please click HERE to download the Fee Structure for the EFL and TOEFL Preparation Course.

Please click HERE to download the Accommodation Fee Structure.

Apply Now

You may apply for the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Programme or the TOEFL Preparation Course either Online or via Email by submitting the following documents:

1. Application Form (kindly disregard the requirements on page 3)
2. Medical Form
3. Colored Passport Copy
4. One JPEG Passport Type Photo

The EFL Programme begins every January, April and September: 

  • - January Intake      3 Months Programme
  • - April Intake             3 Months Programme
  • - September Intake   3 Months Programme


The TOEFL Preparation Course begins in the final month of the EFL programme.  Please visit our download centre for the Brochures, Fee structure and other related forms.

Other Languages

Study a Foreign Language in Dubai!

Join us for a unique and fun learning experience! EAHM offers language courses specifically aimed at the hospitality industry. Our native-speaking instructors will teach you how to communicate in the languages of your guests and make it a truly enjoyable educational experience that will continue to benefit you as you advance in your career.

Click HERE to Apply!

Some reasons to join us:
 Dubai is open-minded, culturally diverse, and has a safe environment
 All our teachers are native speakers
 Multi-cultural classes with students from all around the world
 On-campus fully furnished studio accommodation – 5 Star Quality!
 Gym, swimming pool, tennis courts and more all on campus 
 Walking distance to the beach
 Secured campus 24/7

Languages offered include:

Duration: 12 weeks 
Cost: AED 5,500
Timings: Classes meet twice weekly (2 hours per class)
Intakes in January, April and September


Did you know

our students come from more than 60 countries