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Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Hospitality Management

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The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) is the very first hotel school in the Middle East to offer internationally recognized degree-level courses. EAHM is a diverse hotel school which currently has 300 hospitality management students from 60 different nationalities. With a highly qualified, multi-national faculty with hospitality experience, modern facilities and strong partnerships with the hotel and hospitality industry, EAHM has fast become one of the world’s leading hotel schools.

As the leading hotel school in Dubai, EAHM offers the first fully accredited Masters degree which is accredited in the UAE, UK and Australia.  Senior hotel and hospitality executives from around the world have contributed to the content and design of this course and it is recognized globally by other leading hotel schools, universities, reputable hotel chains and the wider hospitality industry. In addition, the ongoing academic association with world-renowned hotel school, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, continues to enhance the quality of all hospitality study programmes at EAHM, a specialised hotel school.

The postgraduate programme offered at our hotel school will develop the knowledge, skills and competence of graduate industry professionals to enable them to function effectively at executive, corporate and senior managerial levels within the contemporary hotel and hospitality industry.

- One year full time programme
- Study flexibly for up to four years whilst working
- Taught by leading hotel and hospitality academics from around the globe
- Consists of nine modules and a thesis
- Thesis or Business Research Project – your choice
- Benchmarked against all leading MBA’s and Hospitality Masters degrees

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The Modules

The MBA degree offered at our hotel school consists of nine modules and a thesis. Out of the nine modules, you may choose three modules from a list of electives. If you decide to undertake a Business Research Project instead of a thesis, four elective modules would have to be completed. Each module offered at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), a top hotel school in the world, involves a minimum of 40 taught hours and 100 hours of self-directed study over a period of one month. There is also a flexible option available at our hotel school which allows students to control how many modules they take at one time, ultimately affecting the duration of the course.  This option is ideal for those who wish to study and work at the same time.

All modules offered at EAHM, the leading hotel school, are delivered by doctorally-qualified specialist faculty who have been selected for their academic qualifications, hospitality industry experience and their related research.

View the Modules Overview.

Courses Available - Postgraduate

Eligible students may undertake courses at the Postgraduate level and currently a maximum of three courses are offered per trimester in which the credit weightage for each course is up to 10 ECTS. 

The following Postgraduate courses are available for the September intake:

-  Applied Statistics for Business Research
-  Law and Ethics in the Business World (Elective)
-  Cross-Cultural Selling and Marketing (Elective)

The following Postgraduate courses are available for the January intake:
-  Business Research Methods
-  Developing and Monitoring Corporate Strategy
-  Hotel Asset Management

The following Postgraduate courses are available for the April intake:
-  International Recruitment and Talent Retention
-  Digital Marketing (Elective)
-  Hotel Services Operations Management

*EAHM reserves the right to change the syllabus, in part or in whole, without prior notice.

Minimum Requirements

  An accredited Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0)
  Sufficient relevant work experience – normally at least 1 year at supervisory level
  Paper-based TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS overall band of 6.0 or CAE score of 52-57.  See details here.   [TOEFL Destination Code:  7116; SAT Destination Code:  7958
  Successful completion of entry tests (if required)
  Successful entrance interview

Note: The TOEFL / IELTS / CAE test is a UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research requirement and is mandatory for all students (this applies to American / Australian / British etc. passport holders as well). 

Tuition Fees

Fees for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme include:

- Tuition fees for all modules
- Orientation week activities
- All textbooks and academic materials
- Academic related photocopying and printing
- Access to library and electronic databases
- IT software and licenses
- Laundry for business attire available at cost
- Graduation expenses
- On-campus parking (subject to availability)
- Access to the gym, swimming pool, tennis court and other campus facilities

Please click HERE to download the Fee Structure for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme.

Please click HERE to download the Accommodation Fee Structure.

Please click HERE to download the Schedule of Fees and Payments.

Accommodation On Campus

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), a leading hotel school located opposite Burj Al Arab, offers students high quality lodging with one of the greatest views in Dubai. Students now have the opportunity to choose from the best available selection of on-campus accommodation rates. EAHM offers accommodation packages to registered students only. There are various packages that students can choose from to enjoy significant savings and which enables them to stay in their fully equipped studio during the holidays! Once the simple application process has been completed, students can book a studio for a period of up to one Academic Year.

Fee Structure for New Students

Application Process

How to Apply

We understand that preparing an application for further studies can seem complex at times. However, here at EAHM, we are committed to making the process as easy as possible and we will do everything we can to assist you. 

Most students begin their studies in either January, April or September but since the Masters programme adopts a modular system, students have the flexibility to start during most parts of the year.

Applications are accepted either Online or via Email.  Please also visit our download centre for the Brochures, Application form, Fee structure and other related documents.

Deadlines for applications are as follows:

- January intake: By October 30th
- April intake: By January 30th
- September intake:
By June 30th

*Late applications may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To apply, follow these 4 easy steps:

STEP 1: Filling in the Forms

Application form
The Application form has to be fully completed together with payment of the application fee of AED 500.  Please click HERE for payment methods.  Receipt of the payment made must be included with your application.

Evaluation / Reference form
Two Evaluation / Reference form must be completed by either your teacher, employer or someone that knows you professionally. 

Medical information form
Your Medical information form must be submitted together with your application. Disclosing a medical condition will not affect your admission to EAHM as we recognise and support students with particular learning requirements such as dyslexia, numeracy issues etc.

STEP 2: Submitting Your Documents

Undergraduate Degree and Transcripts
We need copies of your undergraduate degree and transcripts. If you are in your final year of studies and have not yet received your degree, you may apply for conditional acceptance based on your results throughout the year. Please note that you will need to get your degree and transcripts officially translated to English if it is in a foreign language.

Attestation of Your Educational Documents

If you completed your undergraduate degree in the UAE, the original or a certified true copy of your parchment and the detailed transcript of the marks you have obtained must be authenticated by the University at which you have studied in the UAE and by The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the UAE.

If you completed your undergraduate degree outside the UAE
,  you may apply and will be conditionally accepted by EAHM.  However, you must still have your undergraduate degree records and certificates certified by the following authorities:

1)  Official education authorities of the country where the certificate is awarded such as The Ministry of Education, Education Councils, British Council etc.

2)  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the certificate is awarded.

3)  Embassy of the UAE in the country where the certificate is awarded or the embassy of such country in the UAE.

4)  The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the UAE must attest all undergraduate parchments and transcripts.  After this process is done, the Ministry will issue the Certificate of Equivalency.

Note: Graduates of recognised accredited academic institutions outside the United Arab Emirates should have completed degree programs representing a minimum of 15 years of schooling with at least 12 years at the primary and secondary level. 

Scanned Coloured Copy of Your Passport & 1 JPEG Passport Photo
Please submit a scanned coloured copy of your passport and 1 JPEG passport photo.

Personal Statement of Motivation and Your Curriculum Vitae
The personal essay is an important part of your application. Allow us to get to know you better and understand the reasons why you are interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. This statement should be between 300 - 500 words and typewritten.  A copy of your Curriculum Vitae or Resume must also be submitted.

Other Documents
If you are applying for part-time study of the Master of Science programme, a letter of support from your current employer stating how adequate time and resources for part time study will be assured.  In addition, you may also include any other additional documents such as academic awards, employment certificates, achievements etc.  

STEP 3: Proof of English Proficiency

Your TOEFL or IELTS or CAE test scores must be submitted as it is a UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research requirement and it is mandatory for ALL students even if English is their first language. Please contact us for more information.

View the minimum required TOEFL / IELTS /CAE test scores for the Postgraduate programme.

STEP 4: The Interview

Suitable candidates will be invited to the final stage of the application process consisting of a personal interview. This can either be a face-to-face interview at EAHM or a phone interview if the candidate is applying from overseas. The main purpose of the interview is to help us learn about you, your experience and your expectations in order to determine your motivation, potential and fit for the demands of the hospitality business. 

Did you know

other than the UAE, our degrees are accredited in UK & Australia