Success Stories & Testimonies


Gaining an academic qualification from The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management sets you up for success. We have numerous success stories over the years of our students that have graduated and have gone on to fantastic careers.

Our graduates are from all around the world.  Read about their success stories and testimonies here:

Success Stories

Behnam Z. Sharafshahi, Iranian, MBA Graduate of 2014

EAHM has a truly strategic location with proximity to a very dynamic and competitive hotel market. As the MENA headquarter to the leading International hotel groups and a home to some of the world’s most exclusive hotel properties, Dubai is certainly the ”Hotel Industry" in action. In line with that, I believe the dedication and professionalism of the faculty board combined with frequent visits by industry experts have created a solid and yet innovative academic context. Certainly proud to be an alumni member!

Ankit Malik, Indian, MBA Graduate of 2014

My journey at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) was no less than a roller-coaster ride. Having worked for Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel in London for over 3 years, I was 6 months old to Dubai when I was awarded a 100% academic scholarship that was sponsored by my current workplace- Madinat Jumeirah. 

Having pursued a bachelor's degree in hospitality management from Scotland, I always had the motivation to seek a master's degree in the field of my expertise. EAHM gave me the perfect platform because of it's academic association with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne which is one of the oldest and world renowned hotel schools in the world. Subsequently the college topped the global school satisfaction survey in 2013 that gave me an assurance that EAHM prides itself with providing its students with a top class study environment.  

Autumn 2013-14 was the most gruelling one year for me as working full time and managing studies at the same time was not an easy task at all. However, I am glad that I did exceptionally well and passed with a distinction. At EAHM, I mastered the extreme dynamics of time management skills as I was expected to complete projects and assignments whilst working for a busy resort that had a year round high occupancy levels.    

During my academic tenure at EAHM I got to learn the insights and trends of the MENA region's hospitality industry by some of the most cutting edge professionals and professors. Simultaneously, I made some great friendships that I will cherish forever. An MBA from EAHM has helped me exhibit hospitality leadership by inculcating my professional experience and hospitality education that I gained at various levels. This course has helped me positioning myself in a strategic role of front of the house hotel operations and the expertise to take on an upper mid-level management position within Jumierah Hotels and Resorts.    

I am glad to be a part of EAHM alumni and I will certainly miss each and every second of time that I spend at this beautiful place!

Anna Jentgen, Latvian / Luxembourgish, Graduate of 2014

The experience I have gained at EAHM can’t be measured. EAHM has provided me with a large amount of knowledge that has helped me to grow as a person as well as grow within the hospitality industry. Furthermore, being located in the center of a city that has the highest density of 5-star hotels, has provided me the experience of dealing with different cultures both in my personal and academic life. The topics are so versatile that there is a possibility for every student to find one area of the hospitality business that is closest to their hearts. As cooking is my biggest passion, the chefs at EAHM did everything to help me grow within this field and these are the small things that make the EAHM experience so unforgettable and amazing.

I have left EAHM with not only a degree, but a large network of contacts that allowed me to jump into a job right upon graduating. I had companies approaching me that gave me a good selection of job offers to choose from where I want to start my next step in life and this was due to my time spent at EAHM.


Conrad Sokolnicki, Canadian, Graduate of 2014

When I graduated high school in 2008, I followed my interest in science to pursue a pre-medical degree in Toronto, Canada. When I completed my first two years in this direction, and I realized that this career path was not what I actually wanted to do in life! I returned back to Dubai where my family still lived and pursued my other interest which was in hospitality. I was fortunate enough for a chance to work in one of Dubai’s iconic hotels, Atlantis the Palm, at the concierge. After a year of experience, I realized my passion for the hospitality industry. Working in hotels is a fun and exciting field to be in offering countless opportunities around the world in a variety of disciplines.

I did however also realize that in order to advance my career I needed a strong education in hospitality management. This is when I turned to EAHM. EAHM has not only provided me with the skills and knowledge I will need as a hospitality professional, but it has also opened up so many doors to fantastic opportunities I otherwise never would have had.

After graduating top of my class in the undergraduate level, I decided to enhance my skills and knowledge of the industry by pursuing an MBA in international hospitality management also at EAHM. In addition, I also secured a position within EAHM as a Research Associate, and I am excited to see where this new adventure will take me!

Ahmad Al Hallaq, Jordanian, MBA Graduate of 2014

In 2007, I started my journey at EAHM where I completed my BSc (Honours) in International Hospitality Management. Having the opportunity to be taught by world class lecturers and to be part of a multi-cultural student body has helped me strengthen my hospitality knowledge, my communication and social skills.

After graduation in 2011, I joined Starwood Hotels and Resorts as a Sales Coordinator. In September 2012, I had the opportunity to join the pre-opening team at the world’s tallest hotel – The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai as an Events Planning Executive. Shortly after that, I was promoted to my current position, Events Planning Manager. At that point I realized that it was time to obtain my MBA in Hospitality Management to further develop and strengthen my business and management skills. In September 2013, I joined EAHM again as I could not think of a better place to help me achieve this objective. Now, and after completing both degrees I can say that EAHM had a great impact on where I am today and I have the confidence in my skills and qualifications to go all the way to the top. 

Nur Nurani, Filipino, Graduate of 2013

Graduating from EAHM is a dream come true to me. I have been working in the hospitality industry for 12 years now. Realising that a formal foundation on the intricacies of this industry would help me grow, I took this once in a lifetime opportunity and gave my career the push it needed. When I was given the opportunity by Jumeirah to pursue my academic ambition, I did not think twice. I just did it. One of the advantages of working for a such world class company is its affiliation with a world class hospitality school.

Managing studies, work and family life at 33 years old was not a very easy task. It took a significant amount of sacrifice to be able to manage it. I am very fortunate however that I was blessed with great people around me who have made this possible. EAHM was extremely helpful in making what seemed to be an unbearable task easy for me. The flexibility of the professors who always took the extra time to sit with me outside classroom time was valuable. The supportive and accommodating staff who were always ready to lend a hand also made my student life a little more bearable for me. The teaching method was highly innovative and supported team and individual learning, which was in my opinion an excellent way to prepare future hospitality leaders. The quality of the courses are unparalleled in the region and perhaps even in the world. Most of all, working and learning with bright and energetic young ladies and gentlemen from around the world opened my horizons and made me appreciate different cultures a lot better. I am sure that somewhere along the way, I will be reading hospitality magazines with a few EAHM alumni on feature as the movers and shakers of the industry.

Dubai is growing and it is growing at an astronomical phase. EAHM has done a tremendous job in keeping up with this growth and in turn has positioned itself at the very epicenter of the hospitality world. Joining this venerable institution and eventually being a part of the graduate body was the best two year sacrifice I ever made.

Sorav Malhotra, Indian, Graduate of 2013

I have just finished an amazing three and a half years at EAHM – and it has been truly inspirational. I have had the good fortune of being guided by fantastic faculty that has also helped to mould me into a confident person. It has brought a lot of changes and growth in my life, professionally, as well as personally. Being closely associated with Jumeirah helped in gaining valuable practical exposure as well as being declared the Jumeirah Intern of the Year during my internship with the company. It was also a great learning experience to interact with students of so many different nationalities – making EAHM a truly international university.

Following my graduation, I had the pleasure of being selected in three hotels for their management graduate program – and am very happy to have selected Madinat Jumeirah to do this program. I now stand at the threshold of a bright future with the Jumeirah Group and look forward to the numerous opportunities ahead.

EAHM has ensured I get a great start to my hospitality career – Thank you!

Merili Mitropoulou, Greek, Graduate of 2013

I attended the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai from September 2012 to November 2013 in order to obtain the Master's degree in International Hospitality Management.

I consider this period of time to be among the best of my life! I was very proud to be among a very young and ambitious group of students from all over the world and I was lucky and honoured to be taught by renowned professors with an excellent background and experience in the hospitality industry.

The academic quality of the particular program is equivalent to the one at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. But of course, the difference is that you are attending classes and living in Dubai, the heart of the hospitality industry and commerce in the Middle East.

I was impressed by the many opportunities EAHM offered us, upon our graduation, to connect with all the hospitality management companies in the broader Middle East area and Europe as well. At every moment all the faculty members were there to support us with their knowledge and experience and assist us in creating the conditions for pursuing our dream job.

My success in obtaining my Master’s Degree with Distinction from EAHM is mainly due to the following:

Firstly, the student-professor relationships that provided a solid foundation for my academic work and professional attitude development.

Secondly, the challenging courses of the International Hospitality Management curriculum and the required research dissertation that provided me with the latest practical and theoretical background in order to be able to compete in the highly competitive market of the hospitality industry.

Thirdly, my overall experience at EAHM and in Dubai taught me how important it is to create a network of professional friends and colleagues with whom you will be in touch for the rest of your professional career in order in to exchange entrepreneurial ideas trying to improve and develop further the industry you are working in.

I highly recommend the MSc in International Hospitality Management course of the EAHM to anyone who is ready to experience the beating of the heart of the hospitality industry in a rapidly growing area of the globe, to associate with professional people representative of all the hotel, resort and hospitality companies and to work hard to be one of them!

I will always take time off to visit Dubai and EAHM and spend time in the place which endowed me with such invaluable moments!

Julian Nguyen Hong, German, MBA Graduate of 2013

Since my high school years ended in 2007, I have always been part of the hospitality industry and made use of its great flexibility to travel, work and study around the world. In September 2012 my journey reached Dubai, a very dynamic, growing and business driven city with great career opportunities especially in the hospitality industry. I started the Postgraduate programme at EAHM and after a few weeks, I also found the opportunity to work as a Revenue Analyst at the Fairmont Dubai.

EAHM was the second hospitality school I attended, after I did my Bachelor’s degree in Switzerland, and I can assure that the whole team is very professional and helpful. The Postgraduate programme was very satisfactory and provided me with a broader understanding of the industry through relevant and up-to-date courses. EAHM’s close connection to Jumeirah Group adds another benefit, as one can access information and case studies directly from the industry.

My Master’s degree was aimed to be a substantial, meaningful and personal achievement that would become a proud part of my life. It was very challenging to study and to work full time, but with the right mix of passion, motivation and a little bit of luck, as well as an environment created by the whole team at EAHM that embraces these ingredients, it was also very rewarding.

The journey continues now in Beijing, China, and with these words, I would like to thank everyone who made a contribution to the successful accomplishment. Sincere thanks to all the faculty members at EAHM for their mentorship, guidance and aspiration for knowledge. Connected with great moments that turned memories, I am truly excited to keep in touch with everyone through the active network of Alumni.

Samuel Moult, British, Graduate of 2013

Deciding on where to pursue higher education is never an easy task, particularly when it involves you moving abroad and leaving your friends and family behind. For many of us at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, we understood that the opportunity to study on of the world’s largest industries in one of the most amazing and rapidly-growing cities in the world, Dubai, was an opportunity not to be missed.

EAHM is a very unique place that offers a very personalized education that sets you on the path to develop a successful career in a very personal business. There is no doubt that hospitality is one of the most fast-paced and exciting industries where no day is the same and you are certainly never bored! To study that industry in Dubai sets EAHM apart from other institutions as you and your fellow classmates receive a truly first-hand experience during your studies; whether this comes from experienced faculty, work opportunities or your classes, the knowledge that you gain at EAHM, coupled with the experience that you gain are great tools given to you to help you build your career ahead.

The nature of Dubai itself is a big enough lure to come and live, work and play in this bustling city. With a mix of cultures and nationalities in every building, Dubai has become one of the most famous destinations in the world because of it’s never ending strive to be the best and with the world’s tallest building, most luxurious hotel and countless other record-breaking triumphs it is a great place to begin ones career.

There is never a dull moment in EAHM. In between the interesting classes, student activities and Dubai-life friendships and connections are made that last with you throughout your professional life. These connections also continue around the world as many fellow classmates move to other countries as they develop their careers, careers which, due to the type of industry they are in, are very easily transported around the globe and across a number of specific businesses, whether that is marketing, finance, operations or much more.

Moving to Dubai to study at EAHM was the best decision of my life and I will never regret it.

Richard Newell, British, Graduate of 2013

After growing up in the Middle East, I looked at heading back to England to pursue a degree in hospitality management. However, what stood out about EAHM was not only it's great facilities but it's location in the heart of hospitality. 

I was looking for real time exposure in the industry while studying and that was something offered in comparison to other universities. It's connection with so many five star hotels and the regular visits of leading professionals sold the degree program to me. 

I left EAHM with not only a degree but a large network of contacts which allowed me to jump straight into a job upon graduating. I am now working with a chain that contacted me before graduating with an offer I couldn't turn down, the chance to join the pre-opening team for Shangri-La at The Shard, London. In preparation for this job I was positioned in their Muscat resort until the hotel was ready to open. My career with Shangri-La really started with the six month internship program, built into the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management, which I spent in Boracay, a small island in the Phillippines. 

The structure of the program, the lecturers, the ability to network and it's location really set you up for a successful career.

Chanel Venter, South African, Graduate of 2013

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management provides aspiring hospitality leaders with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Through its link with the Jumeirah Group, students are provided with the unique opportunity to engulf themselves in the world of hospitality through various exciting work experience opportunities. This is also great news for graduating students from EAHM, as Jumeirah is always looking for top quality hoteliers and I was offered a job with the company soon after I graduated. My time spent as a student is full of fond memories where I have made life-long friends and was able to start making my mark in the dynamic industry of hospitality management.

Giselle Hahn, Swiss, MBA Graduate of 2012

Dubai and the UAE offer a variety of postgraduate programs, many affiliated with prestigious European and North American schools. However, when it comes to the best hospitality program, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) sets the standard for excellence.

Initially, EAHM’s association with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and its collaboration with Cornell University in the United States motivated me to find out more about the school’s offerings. The tipping point for my decision to apply to EAHM was the fact that the school is owned by the global luxury hospitality company – The Jumeriah Group.

The Master of Science in International Hospitality Management programme is academically challenging, with course work assignments designed to ensure a mastery of the fundamentals, preparing us to deliver on the promise of the future, faster, smarter and with better service philosophy.

Throughout my studies at EAHM, I was fortunate enough to be supported and guided by the staff. The professors are highly respected hospitality industry professionals and the support staff at EAHM proved to be flexible, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

EAHM’s close connection to Jumeirah, as well as to other leading hotel brands in Dubai, made text book knowledge relate to real life scenarios. Industry practitioners were often invited to give guest lectures at EAHM, providing us affirmation that what we were learning will go a long way to ensure our success in the business.

Having graduated with the Master of Science in International Hospitality Management degree from EAHM, I feel well prepared to continue my career in hospitality and I am looking forward to the vast opportunities lying ahead of me.

Annelie Hiba Bea, German, Graduate of 2012

My journey started in 2008, when I decided to leave my hometown Stockholm, Sweden and move to the most vibrant city in the Middle East - Dubai! I chose Dubai as it is located right in ‘The Heart of Hospitality’ and is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. For many years I had dreamt of travelling around the world and pursuing a career in international hospitality as it is an industry filled with excitement and adventure.

After researching numerous universities world-wide, I finally chose to enroll myself in the Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in International Hospitality Management degree at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). Considering that EAHM is located in a city which has the highest density of five-star hotels in the world and is an integral part of the luxury international hospitality company, Jumeirah Group, the choice to move 7 hours away from my family and friends was certainly easy.

This meant that I could reach out to three quarters of the world’s population within a 7 hours flight and be able to witness how millions of travellers arrive in Dubai every year. A city that has undoubtedly experienced a steady growth in tourism and established a strong reputation for itself world-wide was definitely attractive to me, as an aspiring hotelier.

International recognition, the variety of fully accredited degree programmes and the strong partnerships within the hospitality industry, enticed me to start my career at EAHM, where I have now met more than 300 students from over 60 different nationalities and have had the opportunity to network with numerous high-profile industry professionals. The multi-cultural environment and the close proximity to some of the best five-star hotels and companies, in which I have had many opportunities to work and train, has certainly taught me the secrets to achieving success in this exciting and profitable destination.

To study at EAHM has been a definite privilege for me. Considering that EAHM provides business management degrees with a hospitality focus, convinced me that I would have a wide array of attractive career opportunities to choose from upon graduation. In the past few years, I had many opportunities to gather casual, part-time and full-time work experience.

To be fortunate to live in a comfortable, spacious and fully-equipped on-campus studio accommodation with many food & beverage outlets available, a lavish swimming-pool, a gymnasium that is open 24 hours a day, complimentary beach access at the multi-award winning Jumeirah Beach Hotel across the road and many more benefits, I knew I was definitely in the right place.

I was given all the ‘tools’ to succeed at EAHM and learnt how to apply them during my studies, at work and as the Student Council President. Fruitful networking, time management, organisational as well as communication skills and the desire to learn, has helped me apply these tools appropriately under the guidance of EAHM’s faculty and other key members of staff.

I always dreamt of studying and working in the same industry that my parents had spoken so highly about during my upbringing. Today, I am proud to say that the promise of being guaranteed a job in Jumeirah Group as one of their top graduates has resulted in me securing the position of Assistant Marketing Manager at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). This has definitely ‘jump started’ my career in the hospitality industry.

I am very fortunate to be living my dream!

Irina Kuznetsova, Russian, Graduate of 2012

Over the past four years, I have been privileged to witness the success and continued growth of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM).

An integral part of the Jumeirah Group and an academic association with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne gives EAHM a unique pedigree and a solid hospitality foundation.

I gained valuable experience and knowledge and was given the opportunity to have my short placements and internships in the leading five star hotels in Dubai. It was a memorable experience and I am proud to have earned my degree with The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM).

My education at EAHM was a great start of a rewarding journey.  

Anna Mellstam, Swedish, Graduate of 2012

With my previous work experiences within the hospitality industry that I had gained internationallythroughout the years, I felt the urge of developing myself further on a management level within businessand hospitality. I examined different universities worldwide and finally in 2008, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) stole my heart and I embarked on an unforgettable journey.

Why Dubai? Dubai is the right place to be if you want to pursue a career within hospitality managementand business. Dubai is a city of opportunities and if you work hard you will quickly climb the businessladder. This city has a lot to offer and you will be able to be in the middle of everything. The multicultural environment is fantastic and you get to meet and work with people from all over the world. The networking opportunities and connections made during my time here is invaluable. Further, with sunshine to startevery day, I would definitely call it a wonderful climate to live in.

Jesper Olsen, Danish, Study Abroad Alumnus of 2012

My time at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) was life changing in many ways. I learned how to engage people and create the network of friends and colleagues I have today.More importantly, my time at EAHM made me experience different cultures both in my personal and academic life. Being located in the heart of the city with the highest density of 5-star hotels, EAHM is unique in giving students the experience of living in a metropolis that thrives on the fastest growing industry in the world, hospitality and tourism.I highly recommend The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) to fast-track your career.

Dina Zhumassultanova, Kazakh, Graduate of 2012

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) gave me the most exciting experience of my student life!

I arrived at EAHM, fascinated by Dubai; its unique student way of life and the hotels around, this meant that after I graduate, I would not find it hard to look for a job. Before I knew it, I was already in the graduation ceremony for my Associate of Science in International Hospitality Operations degree.

I have learned so much. Like how the hospitality industry is all about exceeding customer’s expectations. It is not merely an employment at an organization, it is the very lifestyle. If you like meeting new people and being in an ever changing, exciting and dynamic environment -- hospitality is definitely for you!

The degree programmes, structured in trimesters, offers excellent opportunities because of the shorter time required to finish them, for someone such as myself that already has a degree, this is very ideal. I finished my Associate of Science in International Hospitality Operations degree in one and a half years and I was able to join the workforce immediately after graduating.

The faculty at EAHM has gone beyond the clichés of academic teaching, they have real industry experience and sound practical knowledge that they pass on to their students. Studying at EAHM also gave me the chance to interact with students from over 60 nationalities. This gave me a unique opportunity to learn how to successfully deal with people from various cultures, backgrounds and religions and cooperate with them. Obtaining the degree here allowed me to pursue my dream career as a professional in the hotel industry.
I am very fortunate to have completed my internship with the Jumeirah Group. It was made possible because of EAHM is a part of the same group. This relationship opened many doors for me and it gave me a milestone in my career. I was awarded The Best Jumeirah Intern Award. The confidence that it gave me and the sense of pride that I saw in my family and lecturers is a moment I will cherish forever.

After graduating I returned to my home country and started my career with the Rixos Hotel Chain. In my current role I represent Rixos Hotels in Kazakhstan as a Sales Executive - responsible for the Travel, Airline, Logistics and Consulting segments.

Without a doubt – my educational experience at EAHM is the most memorable and inspiring time of my life. I would like to thank the professors who trained and supported me on the challenging way to both my personal and professional growth.

Rohaid Stanley, Pakistani, Graduate of 2012

When I commenced my academic journey at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), I had no idea what I was getting into. I had a vague perception of what hospitality beholds and like an eager child aspiring to become a successful hotelier, I dove into what turned out to be my biggest life altering experience.

From being a part of the pre-opening team of the first Armani hotel in the world, to working and organising international events and conferences, my career would not be as diverse and extensive if it weren’t for the great industry contacts EAHM nurtured over the years. EAHM has given me the skills, personally and professionally, to excel in any sector of the hospitality industry. Working alongside industry giants such as Jumeirah, Intercontinental, Marriott and Accor, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) instilled in me, qualities of a true winner.

A few months before my graduation I got selected to be one of the few individuals to go into a yearlong management trainee programme in Accor’s luxury property – Sofitel. The program has allowed me to work in various departments within a hotel and scrutinize every detail in order to specialize in a department of my preference. Being a part of one of the largest and oldest hotel companies still in existence is something I had always dreamed of and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support and skills I acquired at EAHM.

Truth being told, over the course of your degree it’s not uncommon to doubt and second guess your decisions, to be unsure of where you’re headed and what lies ahead. However, it is during times like these when you know you can always rely on your mentors and professors to be the guide and lend the support you need. EAHM makes it possible for you to be taught by individuals who are world renowned professionals in the field of hospitality. In all, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) is not just about the academic qualifications you receive, it’s about the experience that lasts you a life time and I am extremely grateful to be associated with such a prestigious academic institution.

Bernd Knaier, German, Graduate of 2011

My studies at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) are extremely valuable due to the high level of education and the industry connections I was able to establish over the last 3 years. The ideal conditions of the school facilities and the attractive campus surroundings paired with the constantly growing touristic environment of Dubai make my experience at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) worthwhile. Furthermore, the school’s close links with Jumeirah and other international hotel chains, as well as Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and Cornell University made the decision to come here the perfect choice for my career advancement!

Kirby Daughdrill, Norwegian, Graduate of 2011

The Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in International Hospitality Management at EAHM is truly an excellent program for those who are interested in building and creating a solid base for a successful career, not only in the hospitality industry but also other industries as well.

You will experience a contemporary real world approach to your studies and the close relationship and knowledge of the faculty combined with EAHM’s connection with the hospitality industry, locally and internationally is what makes this educational institution special.

During my studies, I have had the opportunity and privilege to meet new friends from all around the world and captains for industry. Furthermore the skills and knowledge accumulated whilst studying at EAHM has enabled me to think outside the box and take me where I am today.

Katharina Ebert, German, Graduate of 2011

My studies at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality (EAHM) had been very enjoyable. The study programmes are well structured and I was even able to go to Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland and also complete my internship in Germany. Being able to spend time during my four years of study in three different countries has been an invaluable experience for me. The friendships and networks that I made at EAHM will last a lifetime and I am incredibly happy to have met these people. Overall, my experience at EAHM has been extremely rewarding because it shaped my life and will shape my future career.

Stephanie Fields, American, Graduate of 2011

My time at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) has been an unforgettable experience. EAHM’s programmes, in particular, the BSc programme, is well organised and structured. The vast amount of courses offered allowed myself to gain as much knowledge as possible and identify where I wanted my career to start.


Students have the opportunity to learn from the lectures in the academic environment and take it to a practical setting. This provided an extremely valuable opportunity for my career and for the foundation of my future. Unlike other universities, EAHM provides a small student to teacher ratio. This provided the opportunity for myself and other students to build a professional relationship and a friendship with the lectures.


EAHM has a close relationship with the Jumeirah Group, students have a wide range of opportunities to work part time and receive numerous learning experiences in Jumeirah’s five star hotel properties. In addition, they also encourage students to work in their free time at popular events such as the Dubai World Cup, Formula 1 racing, and Arabian Hotel Investment Conference. As part of my degree I was required to complete a 20-week internship at a hospitality or tourism business of my choice; I chose to complete my internship at Jumeirah Restaurants.  The experience I gained at Jumeirah Restaurants is one I will never forget. It is what drove me towards my passion for Human Resources and Learning & Development and I believe that it was the colleagues that made my experience unforgettable. My experience in Jumeirah Restaurants was very educational and I had the chance to continue working with them all throughout my studies.


Students that enroll at EAHM come from all over the world with diverse backgrounds.  We start as strangers and end up as family; we don’t only build a friendship, but a network of friends and colleagues that we can call upon when needed.


With the friendships and networks that will last a lifetime, a degree accredited in Europe, Australasia and the MiddleEast, my experience at The Academy is not only shaping my career and life, it's shaping my future.

Genene Barraclough, British, Graduate of 2011

Over the past four years, I witnessed EAHM grow dramatically, receiving numerous accreditations and recognitions making it undoubtedly one of the top hospitality institutions worldwide - a superb achievement for such a young University. I can confidently say that my degree has provided me with a number of exciting career opportunities. I was hired by Jumeirah immediately after I completed my studies and it is a fantastic job that I have now which combines my enthusiasm for writing with my passion for working in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Maximilian Möller, German, Graduate of 2010

Without exaggeration I can testify, that my Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in International Hospitality Management degree from The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) is essential for a successful career beginning in the hospitality industry. For a couple of very simple, but tremendously important reasons that give you a competitive advantage:  Internationally experienced professors who share their know-how on a one-to-one basis at any time during your studies will help you build up crucial industry knowledge. In addition, several work opportunities in the Middle Eastern region with renowned hotel brands as well as an internship in Hong Kong gave me further insights into the wonderful world of hospitality.

Additionally, I spent one year in our partner school Ecolé Hotelier de Lausanne which further increased my global network of friends and enhanced my experience. Through the many hands-on projects during my studies, I was able to create, follow, lead, experiment and succeed and this was certainly a good learning experience for me.

Through my training and education in the different hospitality courses such as marketing, human resources, accounting, food and beverage, rooms operations and many others, I became an all-rounder which provided me with  confidence for future career choices.  I also strongly believe that the multi-cultural student body helped me to understand different cultural and religious behavior and attitudes and formed my open minded character.

At the end of my studies I was proud to say that I was well equipped with international industry knowledge, a strong self-confidence, a global network of friends and professionals and the capability to think independently and make decisive decisions. 

I was able to obtain a corporate management trainee program for Hyatt International before my graduation and currently work in Baku, Azerbaijan. This is a great start for my career in the hospitality industry and I am looking forward to many new challenges and exciting experiences to come.

Omar Aboulnaga, Egyptian, Graduate of 2010

Studying at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) has benefited my life in many ways, both socially and professionally. The close knit community of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) meant that students and lecturers were given the platform to work very closely together – an element which most universities cannot match. This enabled me to build a professional relationship with my lecturers all of whom are recognized throughout the hospitality industry. I was also privileged to attend lectures and seminars by many industry leaders and key figureheads who were always inspiring and gave me an insight of the industry on many different levels.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Managment (EAHM) also has a unique relationship with the Jumeirah Group which provided me with vast learning opportunities and encouraged us to work in our free time for some of the most coveted events in the world such as the Dubai Horseracing World Cup and the Dubai International Film Festival among others. I was also required to undergo a 20 week internship in a hotel of my choice, I enjoyed mine so much I stayed for an extra 4 weeks! I completed my internship in the 5* resort Casa de Campo, La Romana in the Dominican Republic, an experience I will never forget and always treasure. I put to practice what I learnt from my classes, gained a lot of knowledge through experience which could not have been taught in a classroom and was able to jump start my career.

The student life at EAHM was also an experience in itself. Literally, a melting pot of nationalities I was able to learn immensely about different kinds of people, cultures and traditions which will most definitely aid me in my social and professional life. Throughout my studies I met many friends who I am sure I will have a life long friendship and bond with. With the tools and skill sets acquired from my time studying and the constant support from The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), friends and family I graduated with a BA (Hons.) in Travel & Tourism Management. I then joined Jumeirah Zabeel Saray as part of the Conference and Events pre opening team in January 2011 – a challenging but memorable experience. I can say with the utmost confidence that studying at EAHM was one of the best choices I have made for my personal life, education and career.

Anh Tuan Vu Dinh, Vietnamese, Graduate of 2009

The desire to accelerate my career brought me to The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM).  Being part of the Jumeirah Group and the association with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne made the decision easy.  My time at EAHM was filled not only with challenges but wonderful memories and many of my classmates and professors have now become my close friends and professional colleagues.
My first position after graduation was a Business Analyst for the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel in Kuwait where I had the opportunity to prepare the Pre-Opening budgets for the entire hotel ranging from F&B, Rooms, Spa, to all other operational departments. When presenting these budgets to my GM, Corporate Directors, and Owner Representatives, I was very thankful not only for the well-rounded knowledge gained at EAHM, but most of all, the confidence to take on new challenges.

In my current role as Cluster Recruitment Manager for the Jumeirah Group, I have the opportunity to speak with candidates from reputed universities across all continents. The ability to relate to individuals from around the world was well honed at EAHM especially when we had students from over 60 countries.

I am proud to be a graduate of EAHM – many thanks to the faculty and my classmates for helping me build a solid foundation!                             

Frank Kaspersen, Norwegian, Graduate of 2009

I was offered a position in the newly opened ski resort in Norway before my graduation at EAHM. The General Manager wanted a Rooms Division Manager with an eye for detail and high service standards to train the front line staff, supervisors and implement industry standard service routines. I believe, my experience in Dubai and EAHM’s connection with Jumeirah was the weighing point in my CV that gave me the opportunity.

My current position as the Department Head for C&B Sales and Operations for two of the largest hotels in Norway. The two and a half years I’ve spent in Dubai at EAHM has opened doors for my career. The fact that I have lived and studied in the Middle East makes a great icebreaker in job interviews and gets my CV noticed among the rest!

There are many hotel schools in the world, but only one can say it is located in the city with the highest density of 5-star hotels in the world.

Zina Sorensen Danish, Graduate of 2009

My time at EAHM was a fulfilling journey of personal and professional development.

I graduated with the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management, with a First Class Honours Degree. EAHM’s academic association with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne made it possible for me to spend one semester there.

EAHM has an open door policy and a low student to teacher ratio, which means the doors were always open when needed. The friends I made at EAHM are friendships made for life and formed my instant network of likeminded and driven professionals.After my graduation, I joined a large hotel chain and traveled the Middle East; I am about to complete my Masters Degree in Environmental Management & Policy, which I hope to combine with my hospitality background for my future career.

Kristian Kollsrud, Norwegian, Graduate of 2008

I graduated from The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) in 2008 and joined Jumeirah Group as a Human Resources Coordinator and was a part of Jumeirah’s Corporate Development Programme - Aspiro. Since then I have held a few different roles in Dubai including Assistant HR Manager at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, before moving to the company’s Group & Corporate function as Group Manager, HR Systems in May 2010.  I am currently the Director of Human Resources Systems & Processes for Jumeirah Group.  

I truly enjoy working for this company as I have had lots of development opportunities and was even recently named a ‘Young Leader 2010 MENA Award’ finalist at the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference 2010.

Studying at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) no doubt helped to set me up for success within Jumeirah and the hospitality industry. I truly appreciated the supportive learning environment and close collaboration with industry partners, in addition to the association with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland. I embarked on my work-life journey well-rounded, knowledgeable and with the necessary tools to kick-start my career!

Oleg Kafarov, Russian, Graduate of 2007

On graduation, I joined Jumeirah Group as an Executive Research Analyst in the Executive Chairman’s Office where I was given the fantastic opportunity to work with Mr. Gerald Lawless himself and I gained further insight into the corporate world of Jumeirah Group. After a year I moved on to the Development Team as Development Manager and I have since taken on the role of Associate Director of Public Affairs. 

My future professional aspirations are definitely associated with Jumeirah, as I believe this company has tremendous potential and has already established itself as one of the finest world-class luxury international hotel and hospitality management groups.

I am always proud to make the statement of having graduated from The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) – it has been a significant milestone of my life.

Torunn Tronsvang, Norwegian, Graduate of 2007

Even before I graduated from The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), I was offered a position as Assistant Manager (Quality), for Mina A'Salam and the Souk at Madinat Jumeirah.  I chose this job because it provided opportunities for me to grow and learn.  My responsibilites include analysing guest feedback and following up on complaints, conducting internal quality reviews to ensure the company adheres to ISO standards amongst many other exciting tasks. 

For my internship, I worked in a 5-star hotel in Thailand, where my experiences varied from Front Office duties to training new staff for a pre-opening; to attending high level meetings as Assistant to the General Manager.  The mixture of academic work at EAHM and hands-on experience from my industry placement, internship and part-time jobs provided an excellent foundation for the real world.  Hospitality is a 'people business' and the feeling you are left with after a hard day's work is worth a lot more than money can buy.


Raha Hadjarpour, Norwegian, Graduate of 2006

How can you explain what EAHM has offered me in few words? Well simply "Professional education, great career opportunities and an excellent insight to the world of hospitality".  From the moment I was greeted at the airport in 2002 till the day I graduated in 2006, my time at EAHM has been priceless and irreplaceable. 

EAHM has taken me through a journey that no other educational institution would. The opportunity to work for world class hotel chains such as Jumeirah Group and Accor Hospitality provided me with excellent hands-on experience during my studies. This enabled me to experience various aspects and challenges of the hospitality industry and allowed me to relate these to my studies in order to grow and create my foundation for the world of hospitality. 

The student life at EAHM allowed me to interact with a large multi-cultural group of friends, which not only created lifelong friendship but also taught me how to work and communicate with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Cross-cultural communication being one of the major challenges in hospitality was perfected at The Academy. With over 60 different nationalities being represented, we lived, worked and studied in harmony.

Three months before graduating, I was offered a position with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, in their pre-opening team, for their Dubai property. An opportunity a true hotelier would never say no to. Working in different departments at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, allowed me to clearly identify my career path in hospitality and lead me to various new heights and experiences, which I highly value today in my current position. 

A few years later, I opted to take on a journey in Sales & Marketing at Jebel Ali International Hotels. Here I took on the role of Sales Manager for their various Dubai properties, handling the corporate market. Currently I hold a position of Business Development Manager, for Michael Chabowski Technical Services – MCTS, a leading commercial kitchen and laundry consultant for the hospitality world in the region.

I would like to thank EAHM for polishing the diamond in me during those fantastic years of studies that made me realise that my future is in the world of hospitality.

Rami Moukarzel, Lebanese, Graduate of 2005

Having a degree from EAHM definitely opened doors when I first entered the industry and it has accelerated the pace of my career growth since. In my work life, I’ve applied the knowledge I gained from the courses I took at EAHM.  In addition, the internship placement I had in Paris in the Hyatt Regency certainly taught me alot about living in a different culture and dealing with customers.

The degree from EAHM as well as the work experience I gained during a few summers (one where I was part of the pre-opening team of the Môvenpick Hotel in Beirut and another where I worked on Jumeirah’s rebranding project) certainly gave me an additional competitive edge. By the time I graduated I had built up a strong resume.

My first job was with Kempinski at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, where I was an Assistant Outlet Manager on the pre-opening team. I was responsible for the 1000-seat Sezzam Dining. In 2008 I started working for Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, and I was subsequently promoted to Senior Manager.  Today, I'm the Director of Development overseeing Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  

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