The programme is not kitchen or service specific but has a more holistic approach to the restaurant operation. This assists in breaking down barriers between head chefs and restaurant managers, helping them to see the operation as a whole, rather than two separate, independent parts. 

Course Content

Current operations audit:

  • What to audit?
  • Who are we, are we who we say we are, why are we who we are?
  • Current clients

Food Concepts:

  • Interiors
  • Branding
  • Operations

Market Opportunities:

  • Potential clients
  • Exercise: audit your current operations

Present your audit:

  • Change, revamp, upgrade, refresh or remain the same?
  • SWOT of change
  • What does it take to change? (Or equally to create a new concept?)  - A step by step approach
  • Exercise: Build a critical path

Feasibility studies: What to, How to:

  • Estimated capital investment and pre-opening expenses
  • Estimating revenue: different approaches
  • Operational costs and payroll
  • Minimum slaes required for break even
  • Calculate EBITDA
  • ROI and payback period
  • Breakeven points

Concept Creation:

  • Location analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Market trend analysis
  • Table Top Lines
  • Brand values, corporate image
  • Service styles 
  • Price points
  • Interiors concept creation
  • Presentation creation

The restaurant concept will be present to a panel on the final day of the programme

Benefits of Attending

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

  • Identify areas to be audited within their operations and produce a basic operation audit which will help them maximise profit from their restaurant operations
  • Have basic knowledge to create a zero based feasibility study/budget
  • Have the basic knowledge to create a food and beverage concept and product a presentation of such concepts
  • Have learned the steps to take when developing a new concept for a restaurant

Course Details

AED 3,900 per participant (AED 3,714.29 - course cost; AED 185.71 - VAT cost)
Course fee is inclusive of all instructional materials, handouts, workbook, daily lunch and coffee breaks

According to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Finance Value Added Tax (VAT) will be introduced across the UAE on 1 January 2018.

The VAT rate will be 5% and will be applied on all rates, fees and other charges covered by your agreement with us, starting from 1 January 2018.

For more details see

PowerPoint presentation, Flipchart, Role Plays, Group discussions and Practical Exercises.

The course runs from 0900 - 1600hrs

The programme does not require any pre-requisites

The Emirates Academy Certification of Achievement will be issued upon completion

Minimum number of participants = 25


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