Overview & Payment Options

The program costs are divided between tuition fees, sundries, and living expenses. Tuition fees cover everything related to your classes. Sundries, on the other hand, cover everything supporting your learning experiences such as books, access to our online journals and printing. Living expenses are the cost related to your life outside of the classroom: your room, meals and personal activities.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management offers a flexible payment option. Please refer to the published finance policy for more information.

  • Pay the full programme Tuition Fees & Sundries on a Trimester basis in 6 separate installments

For international students, we will apply for UAE residence visas at the cost of AED 2,100 and a National ID at a cost of AED 399 for 1 year. The visa should be renewed at cost upon expiry (if applicable).

tuition FEES & expenses

Quick views

  • Application Fee
    AED 525

    It is a non-refundable amount that is paid upon submission of your application. This fee will cover the administrative costs of creating your file and reviewing your application.

  • Confirmation Deposit
    AED 3,000

    It is a program-holding deposit that is required to secure a place in the program. It has to be paid when the applicant accepts the offer.

  • Tuition Fees
    AED 142,774

    These are the academic fees that cover the entire program.

  • Sundries
    AED 38,627

    Sundries include graduation congregation expenses, textbooks/e-books, software and licenses, access to electronic databases, and photocopying and printing.

See below for the full Tuition Fee structure for the Associate of Business Administration Program:

January 2020.

Please read our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please let us know. Click here to open Terms and Conditions.

Student Accommodation Fees

We offer students high-quality lodging with one of the greatest views in Dubai. Our prices per trimester are below. Please read more about accommodation fees in Terms and Conditions. The following fees are for a single room and includes VAT.

  • Autumn Trimester
    6 Sep 2019 - 3 Jan 2020

    AED 17,325
  • Winter Trimester
    3 Jan 2020 - 17 Apr 2020

    AED 17,325
  • Spring Trimester
    17 Apr 2020 - 26 Jul 2020

    AED 17,325


If you have questions, please don't hesitate to connect with us and request information. We have the answers. We are looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to assist you.



You can complete an application online. If you have all of your documents in hand, it should take approximately 25 minutes. You can also save your progress and log in later.



A campus visit is an easy way to get to know what EAHM has to offer. We will organize a campus tour and individual meeting with our enrollment team who will answer your questions.